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Jobs at FORUM Family Office

Karriere / MBI Programm

Principles I: Passion

The corporate culture of FORUM is based on: „We love what we do“.

You need passion to:

  • generate new investment ideas, based on your well-founded opinion
  • create the necessary „edge“ for investment decisions
  • learn from successes and failures in your daily learning process.

That‘s why we will not watch the time when we deal with an interesting topic.

We are looking for employees who are 100% sure that they want to spend their professional life in investing.

What We Mean by Passion

Relentlessness: Any status quo is just the starting point for the next level of insight or quality.

Courage:(Nearly) all information can be obtained - if creativity is coupled with a strong willpower

Immersion: Great ideas often come unexpectedly - to a prepared mind that keeps on pondering a question, in and out of work, day and night, 24/7.

Personal Growth: To a person seeking personal growth, admitting own mistakes will be a negligible concession compared with the perceived mental gain to be gained from learning from them.

Integrity: The true test of your professional integrity is the willingness to commit your financial resources in line with our client's funds.

The Topic of Passion in Literature


  • Kiddler, Tracy: The Soul of a New Machine
  • Pirsig, Robert M.: Zen und die Kunst, ein Motorrad zu warten
  •  Saint-Exupéry, Antoine: Flug nach Arras
Non-Fiction / Biography:
  • Lowenstein, Roger: Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist


  • Jobs, Steve: 2005 Stanford Commencent Speech

If you can identify yourself with the key persons in these books and find their passion satisfying and rewarding, you may well fit into our team

Principes II: Learning Personality

  • our selection criteria for new employees is not the status of their actual knowledge but the development potential of the candidate.
  • Development potential requires two features:
- intelligence, creativity
- a growth mindset
  • Literature referring to “Growth-Mindset”
- Dweck, Carol: Growth Mindset
- Schmidt, Eric /Rosenberg, Jonathan: How Google Works, chapter 4
  • A person with the right attitude towards learning is characterized by the following attributes:
- failures are understood as an opportunity for a newstart.
- curiosity, an interest in new things
- not being dogmatic

Principles III: 10.000 Hour – Rule

  • Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book, „Outliers“ that young professionals should spend their formative years in the profession of their choice and for outstanding achievements devote 10.000 hours to that.
  • Biograpies of successful investors all show that they typically did their first investment at the age of 14-16  and since then never strayed from their occupation. Examples are shown in Kirk Kazanijan: „Value investing with the masters“
You should only apply to our firm if you have had a passion for investing for a lot of years.