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Corporate investments

Family Equity
FORUM Family Office Private Equity

The core idea of our private equity strategy is respect and independence for the
manager who runs the business. From our perspective, he is the key man. Our
portfolio companies remain reasonably independent, we trust in the manager who
Runs them.

We hire both, people who have been with the company for a long time, as well as
experienced external managers from our network.

Before the engagement, we define how exactly we want to create value in the
company. The following themes tend to be part of the strategy quite often:

  • Speeding up the growth of the business
  • Innovation – both in products as well as in customer service
  • Internationalization
  • Consolidation of an industry through roll-up/ M&A strategy

Thus, before a deal is closed, the seller always knows our strategy for his business going forward

After the acquisition, we typically meet with the management and key personnel once a month, in order to discuss progress made and developments going forward. The following are typically key points for discussion:

  • Monthly financial report with analysis of changes/ growth
  • Progress on key company projects
  • HR – new hirings as well as company culture
  • Corporate Development – how can we drive growth and improve the business through targeted acquisitions

Our DNA as a Shareholder is characterized both by a focus on sustainability and respect for people as well as an emphasis on ambition and performance.

We would like to transferr this aspect of our DNA to our participations.