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Corporate investments

Family Equity
FORUM Family Office Private Equity

FORUM Family Office is a good partner for entrepreneurs for whom it is of the utmost
importance that their business “finds a good home”, i.e. the acquirer takes good care of
the company. We can offer this because

  • We are a family business
  • We have the necessary entrepreneurial/ industrial DNA
  • We invest for the long run

Entrepreneurs who sold their company to us, and who also talked with other
private equity firms in the selling process, agree that we are different to most of these:

  • We are interested more in their business, less in just discussing numbers
  • We think long term and do not spend much time thinking about exit

We understand the different motivations of sellers, and can help out in most situations, e.g:

  • Acquiring the stake from one of the shareholders: many mid-sized companies have a complex shareholder structure, and the people involved have developed different views how to develop the business, or are not as active anymore. It can be helpful in such a situation for the people concerned to sell their stake.
  • Secure their wealth: many business owners have almost all of their personal wealth invested in their business. At some stage, they may want to take some money “off the table”, i.e. to safeguard their pension, or diversify
  • Retirement: we often get approached by entrepreneurs who have run their business for many years, but now want to retire. We discuss a strategy that both sides are comfortable with, if necessary look for a new CEO, and manage the transition so that it concludes successfully.
  • Help building the business further: in some situations, i.e. when a company is growing strongly, the CEO may need extra capital and advice, to fulfill his growth plans, and to have a sparring partner in discussions regarding the growth strategy

We do not take part in auction situations, where there are 5-10 people in the final round, and
The highest bidder wins – this is nothing we like to engage in.